It used to be that piling the family into the van and driving cross country was the only way to save money on a long distance vacation. But with the instability of gas prices, flying has regained it’s reign is the most economical mode of travel. If you want to get cheap flights to New York, there are a few things that you can do.

The city of Bangkok has seen a rapid growth in the past few years. It has emerged as the ultimate choice of many tourists when it comes to choosing the holiday destinations. The number of tourists is in millions who flock to this beautiful place every year. Bangkok travel packages avail you with options of cheap flights and also, they help you make your trip easier. You do not need to ask people what to see and what not to. The tour operator does it all.

Thai people like things nice and clean. If you don’t believe me have a look around when you fly into Bangkok airport and notice how spotless it is; toilets are cleaned methodically every half hour, armies of cleaners pick up any stray litter and even the passport officials are scrubbed spotless and are shiny faced. This passion for cleanliness extends to truck drivers too! Believe it or not, they hate to see the tyres on their truck getting all dirty and dusty (you know how it is), and have ingeniously discovered that hanging a bunch of old rubber inner tubes from the wheel arch keeps tyres looking as fresh and clean as when they were first unwrapped by the tyre fairy. As the wheels roll along they brush against the rubber so maintaining a lovely shiny black sheen…brilliant isn’t it.

Some people stick with flying with one carrier or are in a frequent flyer arrangement so they just accept the first fare they are offered by the airline company. They meekly hand over whatever they are asked for. They pay way over the odds and think they are getting special treatment. For some people it doesn’t bother them they are happy to pay more than is required because they like to feel, special. And I guess they wouldn’t be reading this article because they are not interested in how to get cheap flights.

The city of Bangkok offers a lot many things for its tourists. The newly-wed couples who are looking forward to travel to Bangkok can get enjoy special honeymoon packages. The people, who just want to spend some special moments with family, can choose certain specific holiday packages to serve the purpose. Apart from these packages, there are some special packages for students and devotees.

So, should you cancel your travel plans to Thailand? Absolutely not. Thailand is still a great place to visit and if you hadn’t seen the coup on TV, you would never have known it happened.

A more charming and arguably more beautiful option is Ko Phi Phi. Made famous as the setting for the movie “The Beach” starring Leonardo DiCaprio, the area is truly stunning. The word has gotten out about this gem, so go now before the streets are lined with international hotel chains and paved highways.

You can often get great deals by stopping at a major center and use a regional airline to get to your final destination, I am thinking about when I used Olympic Airlines to go from Athens to Santorini for example, or using Mango Airline between Johannesburg and Cape Town in South Africa. They were dirt cheap compared to the major airlines. Also use that trick to go from Bangkok to Phuket in Thailand, a great destination as well.

Cathay Pacific is chosen as one of the best airlines in world in every section of their services. It is the flagship carrier of Hong Kong. It is one of those six flight services that have 5-star rating of Skytrax.

There is no dearth of airline service between Hyderabad and New Delhi. Both cities are well connected with various airlines such as Go air, spice jet, kingfisher, jet airways etc. It’s easy to find cheap flights online to Hyderabad. Rajiv Gandhi International Airport is the main airport in Hyderabad.